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Advisory Board

The DSAW-COTH-GLA Advisory Board meets the 1st Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Onalaska Armory, 910 Oak Forest Dr., Onalaska, WI. Meetings are open to members. Childcare is available at each meeting.

Current Board Members and Officers:

  • President: Kim Fredrick
  • Vice-President: Roxanne Overton
  • Secretary: Cynthia Delphey
  • Treasurer: Rose Levondoski
  • Teresa Hulse

In an effort to establish a professional and efficient board, we adhere to the following leadership norms:

DSAW Team Leadership Norms

  1. Everyone does and should bring enthusiasm to the work we do.
  2. We must all be open-minded.  Everyone must have the opportunity to share their opinion.
  3. If we have a standstill/nonagreement, we move to the standard of “What is best for DSAW and the people we serve?”
  4. When an individual is an outlier, he/she needs to go into an active listening mode; do not “hunker down.”
  5. When disagreeing or challenging, don’t make it personal; keep it professional.
  6. After all shared opinions and engaged in discussion, the final decision is made by the majority (or where required the supermajority) of the Board.
  7. No one can have a hidden agenda—we all engage in our efforts on the Board truthfully and honestly.
  8. To get to the end-point, stay together as a team.  We must stay disciplined and stay on point. 
  9. Revere similarities—trivialize differences.  Our goal is to identify and leverage similarities to take and create  advantage.
  10. Hold yourself accountable to the decisions of the team; outliers in debate must be leaders in action.

**ELMO:  Enough Let’s Move On –If the majority agrees that a discussion is essentially completed, the group moves on. If the discussion gets off-topic, ELMO can be used to get back on track. **

The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin - Lacrosse chapter is a local resource for people with Down syndrome and other developmental challenges, their families and others that support them. We are committed to providing support and information in the hope of cultivating awareness, respect and opportunity for those in our community touched by Down syndrome. Your support for the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin - Lacrosse chapter is very much appreciated.

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