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Lose The Training Wheels


Co-Sponsored by: Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin and The Down Syndrome Association of WI, Inc.

Southeastern Wisconsin's 5th Annual Lose The Training Wheels Bike Camp was PHENOMENAL!! 2012 brought many campers AND TEN TIMES AS MANY SMILES!!! By the end of the of the camp close to 30 campers were up and riding on 2 wheels! THANK you to all of our riders, their families, and most of all, our volunteers!! We could not do it without everyone working together. A very special thank you goes out to Ellen Moon, our Camp Coordinator and the Lose The Training Wheels staff as they are the foundation that helps us to bring this camp together.


The 2012 Bike Camp was so successful and peaked so much interest that ASSEW & DSAW will be hosting our 6th Annual Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp in 2013...Click here in February or March 2013 for details on next year's camp.  Plans are to rotate the camp location on a four year schedule through the counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine and Ozaukee.  Subject to space availability, we will attempt to schedule the 2013 camp for the first full week before the 4th of July.  

WE NEED YOU! Whether you know a camper or a volunteer,
this camp brightens the hearts and lives
of all who participate!!

Think about how you can make a difference in someone's life at the 2013 Lose The Training Wheels Bike Camp...

Happy Campers Ride 2
Wheel Bikes

Local Kids Learn To Ride
Bicycles Through Alternative Methods

Program helps children
with special needs learn
to ride bikes
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"Lose The Training Wheels"
Program Helps Special Needs Children
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It takes a lot of hands to make this great event a success. Please consider joining us by donating, participating/referring families, or volunteering!

Click Here to find out more on Volunteering and
Click Here for Camper Application.

Call DSAW, (414) 327-3729 or email us at to receive more information on the 2011 Bike Camp!

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