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Dear Friends,

Just about one year ago, DSAW brought on its first full time Executive Director, Ron Malloy. Over the past five years, the Board of Directors has slowly transitioned from an all volunteer driven organization to an organization staffed by dedicated professionals. As we pass that one year mark, we want to tell you about the successes of this transition.

We have capitalized on the expertise of our staff in impacting the lives of all of our members. We have always excelled at pre-natal support for diagnoses and births, as well as, support for families in the early stages of their lives with a loved one with Down syndrome.

With the addition of Ron Malloy as our Executive Director, we have added significant expertise in support for teens and adults with Down syndrome, as well as, their families. His experience has allowed him to advise members on Individualized Education Plans ("IEP"); governmental benefit programs and long term care planning; transition from school to post school jobs; self-determination and independence; and end of life planning for parents and loved ones of individuals with Down syndrome.  
Ron has had a significant effect on the lives of our members already. One family was having trouble securing the support they believed they were due by state and local government. Ron spent a few hours with the family advising them on how to maneuver the complex long term care system. When the family came to Ron, the problems were a major stress in their lives. Ron's guidance helped get the family the care and support they deserved from the government programs.

Recently, Angie Fech, our Program Director, spoke to a group of fifth graders about Down syndrome. Following the presentation, the office received a few thank you letters from the students themselves. The impact was remarkable. One student said:"Iused to thinkg that people with Down syndrome could not really do that much. Now I realize that they can do as much as us." The presentation is one that DSAW has invested many hours preparing and we want to bring it to your school. Contact Angie ( or (414) 327-3729) and let's plan a visit to your school together.

Every day we impact the lives of people like you - and we hope we impact your life as well. DSAW has a lot of outreach efforts that we undertake in addition to the social events that are a regular, consisten part of our organization. Let us know how we can help you. As DSAW continues to grow, we hope that you will offer feedback on what you, as members, would like from the organization. As always please refer to the website for additional ways to get involved in our events, outreach and other programming.


DSAW Board of Directors

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