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Throughout the state of Wisconsin, DSAW serves more than 4,000 individuals with Down syndrome and their families. In December 2009 DSAW moved to the Marian Center for Non-Profits located in St. Francis on Milwaukee's southeast side on beautiful Lake Michigan. Daily responsibilities are handled by our Executive Director, Dawn Nuoffer and part time Office Manager, Ellen Moon. Both Dawn and Ellen have children with Down syndrome.

Currently, we have thirteen members on the Board of Directors as well as numerous statewide Advisory Board members. We're always looking for feedback and different ways to help, so be sure to contact us!


Our mission at the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) is to provide support to families and individuals with Down syndrome through education, information, programs, services, and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

We do that via:

  • Medical Outreach
  • Fraternal and Advocacy Support Programs
  • DSAW-Family Services
  • Parent's First Call
  • School Peer Sensitivity Training
  • Ongoing Parental Support & Programming from Birth to Adulthood
  • Grants & Scholarships for Member Families
  • And more!


The vision of DSAW is that we all understand the value of those with Down syndrome in our lives and our communities. We will continue to strive toward full acceptance, full access, full life and full potential.

DSAW proves that young adults with Down syndrome today CAN live in their own homes, work in the community, drive cars, own their own businesses and have rich and rewarding, meaningful lives. We are helping to make that happen more and more every day.

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