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Prenatal Diagnosis

 Announcing the DSAW Prenatal Medical Outreach Program  

What was that first moment like?

Whether you heard about the diagnosis of Down syndrome for your loved one while that loved one was still in the womb, or whether it was shortly after he/she was born, it is a memorable moment for sure.

Just as memorable is the information you received about Down syndrome shortly after that moment. Looking back on what you heard at that time, how accurate was that information? Did your physician, nurse, pediatrician or other medical provider provide accurate, up-to-date information?

In this past year, prenatal testing for Down syndrome has undergone a revolution.  A once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon has occurred. Prenatal testing for Down syndrome in the womb has become much easier. New tests—simple blood tests with much less risk to the baby and mother—can tell with approximately 99% accuracy whether the baby in the womb has Down syndrome.   

At DSAW, we are doing everything we can to make sure that expecting parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis have balanced, accurate and up-to-date information about: (1) Down syndrome; (2) the life an individual with Down syndrome can live; and (3) the lives loved ones of that individual with Down syndrome can live.

Click here to visit DSAW’s webpage dedicated to our new Prenatal Medical Outreach Program. For six months, DSAW has been working with experts around the country and in Wisconsin to put together a comprehensive, coordinated and planned response to the need for more accurate medical information about Down syndrome. Spend some time reading through our program document to learn more about our goals as an organization.

Of course, with great goals come great needs. We have been working with corporate partners and foundations to seek support for this program that was approved by our Board of Directors in August 2012. Our greatest asset, however, has always been the steadfast support from our individual members and supporters.

Would you be willing to invest $21 for each of the months of November, December and January to help support the DSAW Prenatal Medical Outreach Program? With that investment, DSAW can spread the accurate information—in the coordinated, planned way outlined in our program document—that is needed in light of this generational change in Down syndrome.

Click here to review our Prenatal Medical Outreach Program plan.

Online Donation Options

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We can change the world. In Wisconsin, we at DSAW believe this is the best way we can invest in that change. We welcome your support.

Very Truly Yours,

Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin Board of Directors

P.S. With your investment of $21 or a recurring $21 for each of the months of October, November and December, we can make the Prenatal Medical Outreach Program, detailed here, a reality.

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