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Lose The Training Wheels

Dear Friends:

For individuals with disabilities, small accomplishments can become amazing successes.

Imagine a child who cannot ride a two-wheel bike. For many children, riding a bike is a social rite of passage that leads to personal fulfillment, enjoyment, exercise and social development. Children with disabilities miss out on those feelings-feelings that are even more rare for them than for other non-disabled children.

In addition, riding a bicycle is an important landmark in personal development for an individual with a disability, whether an adult or child. Individuals with disabilities rely on bicycles for getting to work, exercise and mobility. Riding a bicycle is not only a fun thing to do for individuals with disabilities, it is an important step toward independent living.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of an individual with a disability. The Lose the Training Wheels program is specifically designed to assist individuals with disabilities to learn how to ride a two-wheel bicycle. The program is extremely important to those who participate.

Volunteers are needed to match up with one child for a five-day period. Volunteers act as Spotters-running alongside the child as they progress through the program. Watching the child at the end of the camp as they are able to ride more independently is especially fulfilling.

Volunteers offer two hours of time each day at the same time of day for a period of five days. Volunteers are needed June 29 - July 3 at Nicolet High School (Milwaukee Camp) and July 6 - July 10 at Union Grove Elementary School (Racine Camp). Please see the attached form for more details.

Ten hours of your time can lead to a fulfilling life for a child with a disability....please choose application(s) listed below, complete and return to help fulfill a child's dream this summer.

[ Milwaukee Volunteer Application & Racine Volunteer Application ]


Amy Hurley
Volunteer Coordinator
Lose the Training Wheels
Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin

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