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Does your family need help with IEPs, inclusion, or speech? Are you struggling with behavior problems and need a custom solution? Do you need to find respite care? Does your loved one need help securing transportation, housing, caregivers, or employment? Would you like to develop a 5 or 10-year plan for your loved one to help them reach their goals?

DSAW-Family Services can help with ALL of this and more! DSAW-FS provides specialized services to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families to help them take their rightful place in the community and achieve full access, full acceptance, and a full life. Whatever obstacle you are facing, we can put a customized plan in place to help you overcome it.  

DSAW-Family Services provides private, public, and IRIS (Include Respect I Self-Direct) supported services to adults and young adults with Down syndrome, other disabilities, and their families. 

Services include:

  • Inclusion, Speech and Behavior Consulting: Training for parents, schools and caregivers to address the individual needs of children with Down syndrome to help them be successful in the education and family environments.
  • Daily Support Development:  We assist with goal development (5 and 10 year plans) and identification of paid and unpaid service providers to assist with employment, housing, transportation, and caregiving to achieve your loved one's goals. If you have a dream (want to get your driver's permit or live independently?) we will try to make it a reality.
  • Crisis and Back Up Support:  Education on support options, creation of coordinated budgets, identification of support alternatives,  and implementation of the final support plan.
  • Community Building: Document your loved one's social goals, establish social connection road maps, and help individuals with Down syndrome realize their community connection plans, maximizing the use of natural and in-kind supports.
  • ...and more!

Find out how DSAW Family Services can help support your family! Our family service coordinators and support brokers can help identify the natural and paid supports the special adults in your family need to live and participate in the community. Get the help you need to support your family today!


DSAW-Family Services helps families leverage paid, unpaid and natural supports for individuals with Down syndrome and their families to take their rightful place in the community and achieve full access, full acceptance, and full life.


We provide specialized services to individuals with Down syndrome and their families to make a full life in the community a reality. We do this via:

  • A belief that individuals with Down syndrome have a rightful place living in and being supported by the community
  • An infrastructure that allows these individuals to live and thrive in our communities with paid and unpaid supports.
  • A team that helps to identify and build the support network to make the vision a reality.


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DSAW-Family Services
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