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Does your family need help with IEPs, inclusion, or speech? Are you struggling with behavior problems and need a custom solution? Do you need to find respite care? Does your loved one need help securing transportation, housing, caregivers, or employment? Would you like to develop a 5 or 10-year plan for your loved one to help them reach their goals?

DSAW-Family Services can help with ALL of this and more! DSAW-FS provides specialized services to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families to help them take their rightful place in the community and achieve full access, full acceptance, and a full life. Whatever obstacle you are facing, we can put a customized plan in place to help you overcome it.  

DSAW-Family Services provides private, public, and IRIS (Include Respect I Self-Direct) supported services to adults and young adults with Down syndrome, other disabilities, and their families. 

"As a parent, I have been very happy with the services Kathryn receives from DSAW-Family Services. I LOVE the fact that we are able to work with the same person, Mary, to provide DLS training, job development, and job coaching. It is so important to us to have a long-term and REAL relationship with our provider!"

Mary understands Kathryn's goals and every interaction helps Kathryn to move forward while feeling supported and empowered."

-Julie, Kathryn's Mom

Programs & Services

Employment: We work one-on-one with individuals to explore their vocational interests and secure their dream job. DSAW-Family Services will also connect individuals with job coaches to ensure success. In addition, we can help employers find lifetime employees.

One-on-One Services: We work with our clients to set customized goals to help achieve independence in various areas, including:

  • Daily Living Skills
    • Cooking and healthy eating
    • Shopping
    • Money Management
    • Laundry and personal hygiene
    • Relationships and dating
  • Support in the Community
    • Attending recreational events
    • Volunteering in the community
    • Building friendships
  • Behavioral Support in the home and in the community

IEP and Transition Services: We have a team of teachers who can assist with IEPs during school, and prepare your child for the transition after high school to "real life."

  • IEP preparation and goal-setting
  • Advocacy during IEP meetings
  • Creation and execution of one, three, and give-year plans (for any life stage)
  • Transition planning and execution

Family Coordination: We can facilitate all aspects of your son or daughter's life, including:

  • Appointments
  • Transportation
  • Caregivers
  • Long-term solutions

Respite Services: We can provide respite services to give parents and caregivers a much-needed break.


DSAW-Family Services will work with your to find the best payment option, including IRIS, CLTS, DVR, and private pay. Rates are customized based on your loved one's needs. To set up a one-on-one consultation, email info@dsawfamilyservices.org.

Getting Started

Are you ready to see what DSAW-Family Services can do for your and your family? Give us a call to discuss your unique needs! If we can help, we will set up a complimentary consultation to discuss a service plan for your loved one. Call (414) 327-3729 x106 or email info@dsawfamilyservices.org to start the conversation.

Community Partners

DSAW-Family Services works with businesses, schools, and other community organizations. Examples of our services include:

  • Schools
    • Customized independent living training
    • Customized job skills training
    • Teacher in-services
  • Businesses
    • Job coaching
    • Employee sensitivity training
  • And more!


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