DSAW-Sheboygan Young Adult Nutrition & Wellness Class

A class for individuals with Down syndrome and other special needs on healthy living and wellness.

WHAT: DSAW-Family Services is offering a course focused on teaching individuals with Down syndrome and other special needs about the importance of healthy living and wellness, including exercise, nutrition, and independent cooking. DSAW-Family Services has created an innovative curriculum geared towards individuals ages 16 to 30. 

The learning goals of the course are:

  • Create a firm awareness for the importance of integrating exercise into daily life

  • Build a foundation of healthy nutrition and help individuals understand what to eat, portion size, how to make choices at restaurants, and about emotional/obsessive eating habits

  • Learn to cook healthy food independently

  • Learn to eat food with appropriate social manners

  • Understand the consequences of poor nutrition and lack of exercise on health and wellness

In order to achieve these learning goals, the course will incorporate a variety of hands-on learning techniques. Each four-hour session will include one hour of fitness, two hours of cooking, and one hour of learning activities, discussion, and debrief.

WHEN: Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30am - 12:30pm. The summer session will run from June 10, 2019 until the end of August. Participants can join the class at any time.

WHERE: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (1019 N 7th Street, Sheboyan, WI)

PAYMENT: This class is IRIS billable, or can also be paid for privately.  

To apply for the class, fill out the form below. Our program director will follow up with you shortly to discuss the class, as well as payment options.

DSAW-Sheboygan Summer 2019 Wellness Class Interest Form

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