About DSAW

The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin's mission is to provide support to Wisconsin families and individuals with Down syndrome through awareness, education, information, programs, services, and the exchange of ideas and experiences. We promote the value of those with Down syndrome in our lives and our communities. We continually strive toward full acceptance, full access, full potential and a full life to make Wisconsin the best supported state for people with Down syndrome and their loved ones.

Throughout the state of Wisconsin, DSAW touches the lives of more than 4,500 individuals with Down syndrome and their families each year through our programs and events. DSAW's main office is located in West Allis, just southwest of Milwaukee. DSAW also has eight local chapters throughout the state which are organized and run by dedicated volunteers - DSAW is now within a 30 minute drive of 80% of the population with Down syndrome in Wisconsin.

We have tripled our programming in the last five years, reaching more families earlier and with quality services across their lifespan. Whether it’s the scared young couple who has just received a diagnosis and fears the unknown; or the families who need support with potty training, learning how to ride a bike, and navigating the public school system; or those who need help transitioning from high-school to adulthood – DSAW is there.

Learn more about how DSAW serves individuals and families across the state through fraternal support, programs & services, events, and support for new/expectant parents.