Member Grant Program

About: The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin Member Grant Program provides financial support for members of DSAW to help offset the cost of items or services that can benefit the quality of life and development of a person with Down syndrome. Grants should be specific to individuals with Down syndrome -- examples include therapies, educational events, adaptive technology, and educational programs.  If you have questions about your request, please email Abbey:

Restrictions: The Member Grant Program is limited to individuals and families that are a member of DSAW (Click here to become a member). Each person with Down syndrome can receive a maximum of $500 in member grants per calendar year. Each grant is limited to a maximum of $250. The first $250 can applied for in January through June. The second $250 can be applied for in July through December. This gives all of our families a chance to apply. You may submit unlimited grant requests until you have met your $250 limit for the current 6 month period.

Preference: There will be times when the DSAW Member Grant Program cannot meet all submitted requests. In these situations, preference will be given to requests that meet the following criteria: 

  • First time users of the fund

  • Demonstrated financial need

  • There are no other resources available to meet the need

  • Request will directly benefit the development of an individual with Down syndrome

Notification: DSAW Member Grant Requests are reviewed by the Executive Director. We aim to notify you of the decision within one week of your request, but this is not always possible. You will receive an official award or denial letter via email (or US mail, if no email address is given). If you have not heard a response after two weeks, please email DSAW's Executive Director, Dawn:

Payment: All grant requests must reimburse actual expenses. In most cases, you will pay for the item or service, send us a copy of your receipts, and we will send you a reimbursement check. In some cases (where an established relationship exists with a vendor, or in cases of financial need), DSAW will pay the vendor directly. These cases must be approved in advance.

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