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Southeast WI: Kids Day Camp

  • DSAW 11709 West Cleveland Avenue Suite 2 West Allis, WI, 53227 United States (map)

Are you looking for a Day Camp this summer where your child can have fun and continue to build valuable skills? DSAW’s Kids Respite Day Camp is a fun, week-long half day camp for individuals with Down syndrome ages 5 through 9*. The camp will involve structured activities and crafts, theme-days, active play opportunities, and more! Activities will focus on the physical, social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills that will help your child thrive. If you are in search of a place for your child to have fun, spend time with friends, and build valuable skills... DSAW Kids Respite Day Camp is the place to go! 

WHO: DSAW is looking for participants that meet the following requirements:

  • Ages 5-9* with Down syndrome
  • Able to follow directions
  • One-on-one support is not required

*Note: If your child outside this age range would thrive in this camp, please contact us

WHEN: July 9th - July 13th from 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Drop off time: 11:30am-Noon
Pick up time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

WHERE: DSAW, 11709 W Cleveland Ave, Suite 2, West Allis, WI 53227.

COST: Camp will cost $175 for the week. DSAW Members pay $150 for the week. 

DSAW is able to accept CLTS funding from some counties. Contact your case worker to see if you can use third party funds for camp. Contact Rachel at with questions.

While signing up please notify us of any allergies and medical concerns that your child may have.

Teacher to student ratio will be no more than 4:1, although most often it will be 2:1. Basic personal care and toileting assistance will be provided (making sure kids can button their pants, wash their hands, etc.). If campers are not toilet trained, they should be in pull-ups. We are not equipped to administer medicine.  

Questions about camp? Contact Rachel: 

Kids Day Camp Registration

NOTE: Filling out this registration form does NOT guarantee your spot in camp. We will send you an email to let you know once you have been approved.

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