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Webinar: Post-Secondary Options for Students with Disabilities

DSAW Webinar Series Presents:

Post-Secondary Options for Students with Disabilities

During this webinar, we will share about what to consider when exploring post-secondary options, resources that list PSE providers for students with developmental disabilities, how WI students pay for college and an overview of what Shepherds College has to offer. Shepherds College (SC) is a fully accredited, post-secondary program for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Throughout the three year program, SC equips students to reach independence through the development of vocational, social, and life skills. Students choose from one of three specialty majors: Culinary Arts, Horticulture or Technology. SC offers a safe, supported and structured environment for students to develop socially, physically and spiritually as students transition through three phases of on campus living including dorms, houses and apartments. SC has served students from 31 states and 7 foreign countries. 

About the Presenter: 
Eric Lindsay is the Director of Student Recruitment at Shepherds College (SC). Each year, Eric walks alongside hundreds of prospective students and their families as they explore post-secondary opportunities. The Shepherds College admissions team attends over 70 events a year to share about the college with students, families, and professionals throughout the Midwest, and occasionally throughout the country.

When: Tuesday, April 2 at 12pm