Peer/Workplace Sensitivity Trainings

Peer Sensitivity Training is an in-school presentation by DSAW staff that enhances the quality of life for children with Down syndrome through the education of their typically-abled peers. Children with Down syndrome and other special needs are often made fun of or excluded from activities. These typically-abled children aren’t mean-spirited - they simply don’t understand how to approach or behave around a child that has a disability. Through Peer Sensitivity Training, DSAW transforms confusion and ignorance into understanding and compassion, resulting in enhanced quality of life for children with Down syndrome.

DSAW leads the way in trained schools, reaching 80 schools and over 8,000 students since the inception of the program in 2010. A program like this hasn’t been attempted by any other organization and has been enormously successful because the support of our statewide fraternal system.

DSAW schedules similar presentations at a variety of other organizations, such as group homes, businesses that employ people with special needs, businesses that would like to learn how to become more inclusive, and more. This presentation can be customized to fit the needs of your organization - whether you would like a small, roundtable discussion or a presentation to hundreds of employees, DSAW is here to help.

To schedule a Sensitivity Training at your school or workplace, email Rachel at

Teacher In-Services

Would you like your teachers to be trained on how to educate individuals with Down syndrome using the latest techniques and up-to-date research? Schedule a teacher in-service! DSAW experts will present to your staff. To schedule a presentation, email Mary, Sensitivity Training Specialist: