Roadmap Sessions

DSAW offers Roadmap Sessions to help families plot out a plan of action to overcome the obstacles in their loved one's life. Roadmaps give you and your loved one a set of detailed action steps that you can take to make your dreams for your loved one come to life. Families can take the plans and implement them or enlist the help of DSAW and DSAW-Family Services for plan implementation.

DSAW and DSAW-Family Services Roadmap Specialists are headquartered in Milwaukee, and Roadmap Sessions are offered in cities across Wisconsin on a rotating basis. Roadmaps can also be conducted virtually via phone or Skype. Most Roadmap Sessions last two hours and are individual one-on-one meetings where families leave with a specific list of actions to complete.

Roadmap Examples

  • Birth to 3 to Early Childhood transition
  • Toilet Training
  • Helping families put together plans for speech and safety support
  • Assisting with application for additional support including Medicaid and Katie Beckett
  • dentifying doctors with experience in common Down syndrome medical and surgical issues
  • Finding a dentist or an eyeglass provider that takes Medicaid
  • Identifying sports, dance, social activities, and other extracurriculars for individuals with Down syndrome
  • Setting up schooling for children who are homebound due to medical issues
  • Working with school districts and support issues
  • Behavior IEPs for school-age children
  • Extended school year, summer respite, and behavior therapy support
  • Connecting parents who speak English as a second language with a bilingual parent advocate
  • Transition Roadmaps for kids aging out of the school system

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