Statewide Down Syndrome Awareness

DSAW works every day to bring awareness and acceptance to individuals with Down syndrome through several specific programs and events:

Down Syndrome Awareness Walks

The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin hosts seven Down Syndrome Awareness Walks throughout Wisconsin each year, bringing together more than 7,000 walkers, runners, rollers, strollers, donors, partners, and volunteers all for one cause: to raise awareness for full access, full acceptance, and full life in our communities. Our 2019 walk fundraising has kicked off, check out Awareness Walks all around the state here!

Statewide Parent's First Call

Through the Parent's First Call Program, DSAW increases awareness of the value of people with Down syndrome in our lives amongst medical professionals and newly diagnosed parents. For many parents, a diagnosis can be a confusing time -- Parent's First Call offers 24/7 resources and support for parents, helping them see a full picture of what life is like raising a child with Down syndrome.



Resources & Referrals

DSAW offers gold-star resources to parents, community members, and medical professionals about Down syndrome, such as recent scholarly publications, noted news articles, and more. Stay up to date here.



Awareness Campaigns

DSAW creates mass communications strategies to educate the public on Down syndrome, from public service announcements to billboards.