Sustain 21 is DSAW’s monthly giving club that ensures regular support for the programs and services you love, with greater convenience for you. As a small appreciation for your partnership in our work, DSAW recognizes the impact of its Sustain 21 donors in the following ways:

Sustain21 Giving Levels.png


Can I write this off on my taxes?

Yes. Your contribution is tax-deductible up to the fullest extent allowed.

When will I see the payment in my account each month?

The payment will occur at the same time every month, on the monthly anniversary of the day you signed up.  

Can I adjust the amount I give?

Yes, you are to free to change your giving amount at any time. Simply contact us, by calling 414-327-3729.

What if I decide to end my contribution? How would I stop the monthly contributions?

Yes, you can end your monthly contributions. If there’s any way we can improve your experience first, please let us know. We value your participation and support in all our programs.

However, if you do decide to end your monthly contributions, all you need to do is contact us to make the change. You also have the option to adjust your giving level, if you’d prefer. You can reach us by calling 414-327-3729 or emailing

Have other questions about the Sustain 21 program? Let us know!

We want to make sure we answer any and all your questions about the Sustain 21 giving campaign. Contact us by calling 414-327-3729 or emailing