Meet a DSAW Leader: Jennifer

Hi! I am Jennifer Trustem, a board member on DSAW-Fox Cities. I became active with DSAW and eventually a board member in 2013 after the birth of our daughter Dana. Dana was diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome. Dana has 3 amazing older siblings, Tanner, Cael, and Jensen, who are her biggest cheerleaders! Our family enjoys fishing, camping, boating, and anything else outdoors. I work part-time as a speech language pathologist and Ben is a sales engineer.

I first became involved with DSAW-Fox Cities by volunteering with the walk committee. Through this experience, I met a wonderful group of individuals. Not only did these people become my friends, but also an amazing source of information as they had older children with Down Syndrome. I then became interested in becoming a board member. I realized what better way to know the resources available to Dana and have an impact on future resources than becoming actively involved. My dream for Dana is for her to be a happy, healthy, independent, and productive/included member of society. This is why I volunteer on the board! Not only do I believe individuals with disabilities should have the same opportunities as those without, but they should be fully included.

I do not have an official title or role with our chapter, but I can say I do a little bit of everything. I have helped with the Down Syndrome Awareness walk, organized social events, and organized speaker events. My current focus in on providing those with Down Syndrome fitness opportunities in the community by working with Neenah YMCA.