Meet a DSAW Leader: Miriam

Hi! I’m Miriam Marting, a board member on DSAW-Wausau, which has recently become active. I first became involved in the Down Syndrome community when my daughter Laurel was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after her birth in 2006. Laurel is blessed to have three older brothers ages 20, 18, and 12. Laurel likes to go swimming, spend time with her family, eat popcorn, and play outdoors.

When Laurel was born, we had a Down Syndrome support network where we lived in Indiana, so when we moved to Wausau in 2011, we were disappointed that there was no Down Syndrome network in Wausau. I had first heard about DSAW when I was living in Indiana in 2010. Having previously lived in the Fox Cities, we had heard that Rachel Coleman, the producer and personality behind Signing Times, was featured at DSAW-Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk. We were excited to meet Rachel because of the role she had played in Laurel’s development.

It is rewarding to connect families and help them understand available resources as well as the joys of having a child with Down syndrome. I have a passion for people, networking, and connecting with others to make a difference.