Birth Announcement

It can be hard to know how to announce the birth of your baby to friends and family. Take a look at our sample birth announcement to give you some ideas:

Hello everyone! We are happy to report the birth of Evan Michael. He joined us yesterday at 2:36pm. Mom is recovering well and is likely headed home tomorrow. Evan weighed in at 7 lbs 1 oz and was 19.5 inches long.

We’d also like to share some additional news we learned shortly a er he was born - Evan has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. The last day has been an emotional rollercoaster but we are all doing well. After spending some me learning more about DS, we know that Evan will be a wonderful addition to our family and we are looking forward to watching him reach his own milestones just as his sister has done herself.

We realize that our announcement may prove a little awkward for some - some we’ve told in person have a hard time knowing what to say. “Congratulations” works just fine! The past 24 hours have made us realize how lucky we are to have the support of many caring family and friends and we look forward to sharing Evan with everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about Down syndrome, we encourage you to check out online resources, such as the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin or the National Down Syndrome Society. After reading about DS, we hope you’ll know, as we do, that Evan can and will have an amazing life.

We promise to report back soon with pictures and an update!!