Meet a DSAW Leader: Marita


My name is Marita Stannis and I am the President of the Greater Milwaukee Chapter’s Advisory Board.  I have been in this role since the chapter was created in 2013, and prior to that I was the Secretary on the State Board for about 3 years.

I am the Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Caterpillar.  I love my job because I work with employees to ensure their safety on the job.  My husband Kevin and I have been married for 12 years.  He works for a software company and travels internationally quite often.  We have 2 children- Madelyn (Maddy) who is almost 10 and Oliver who is 3.

I received Maddy’s Down syndrome diagnosis prenatally, and it wasn’t a good experience for us.  We were told all the bad things that can come with Down syndrome but none of the good.  After she was born we joined DSAW and what a life changer that was!  The resources and knowledge that they have has been amazing! I wanted to be involved in helping ensure other families didn’t have the same experience we did, so I joined the Board.


I am so blessed to have DSAW in my life. I have made some of my best friends here.  Sharing our triumphs with each other and guiding one another through challenges makes our bond so strong! 

When there’s spare time you will find me in the kitchen cooking!  I have loved to cook most of my life and have great mentors, something I am hoping to pass down to my kids!  I also enjoy spending time with family and friends and reading.