Meet a DSAW Leader: Scott


On April 6th of 2018, my wife and I received the hardest news that we had ever received as a couple; our unborn child was diagnosed with Down syndrome.  We were on vacation with our 2 year old visiting relatives in Texas when we received the call and we were in total disbelief. WOW, what a blow! 

Hello, my name is Scott Erickson and I have recently joined the DSAW Chippewa Valley Advisory Board.  My amazing wife Becky and I are blessed with two beautiful and healthy girls, Korina (2+) and Gwyn (4 mos).  We enjoy the simple things in life like being outdoors, visiting with friends and family, and spending time at the cabin.  I am a commercial relationship manager (lender) at Security Financial Bank and my wife is a supply technician at Marshfield Clinic/Hospital, both in Eau Claire.

Our story is much like what you have experienced personally or know of someone who did: the stages of unanswered questions, the emotional highs and lows, the uncertainty, the self-pity, (regrettably) the regret, and a feeling like you are on an island by yourself…BUT in the end, you experience a happiness that cannot fully be explained!

My wife brought the DSAW-Chippewa Valley Walk to my attention shortly after Gwyn was born.  I’m not a “lets join a group” kind of person but felt it might be good for me see what it is all about.  Simply put, it was fantastic!  The raffles, food, entertainment were all good, but the camaraderie and acceptance was over the top.  We met new friends, found some old ones, and it really helped me realize that we are not on an island at all!  I really want to help pass the DSAW “welcome” along to all that have been given this special blessing.