Meet a DSAW Leader: Roxy


My name is Roxy Pryes and I am one of the board members for DSAW-Green Bay.  My husband, Craig and I live in Casco with our two children, Ollie and Tori. I attended my first DSAW Awareness Walk back in 2012 when Ollie was just under 3 months old. I was in awe of all of the wonderful people I met that day.  Our next DSAW sponsored event was a monthly play date where the other moms went crazy over Ollie. (Now that Ollie is a little older I get to be one of the moms going crazy over the new babies).


Over the course of the next few years my family attended play dates, parents nights out, and of course more walks.  I knew from early on that I wanted to volunteer with DSAW but I was not able to right away due to balancing work and raising two young children.  In 2017 I was able to help the rest of our newly forming board plan the Awareness Walk.  Since then I have loved the brainstorming, planning, sleepless nights, and friendship that has come along with being part of the DSAW-Green Bay Board.  In my free time (what is that?) I enjoy spending time with my family, camping in the summer, and reading (can't remember the last time this didn't involve a book with more pictures than words).  I also enjoy my second job (first one is being mom to Ollie and Tori) working at a local clinic as a patient service representative.  I absolutely love planning new events for DSAW Green Bay.