Meet a DSAW Leader: Garrett


Hello! My name is Garrett Lancelle and I am a DSAW-Central Wisconsin Board Member. I am also a proud husband and father to three wonderful children (JJ (1), Isabelle (4), and Gavin (6). I am also a sibling to Max, Katie, and Joe and son to Paul and Nancy. I have worked as a special education teacher for the last 9 years throughout Central Wisconsin (Edgar, D.C. Everest, and Wausau School District). My family and I reside in Weston, Wisconsin. 


My journey to DSAW stemmed from being a part of a family who lived by the motto of "putting the FUN in DYSFUNCTIONAL". More than that I lived in a family of love.

My siblings, Max and Katie, have Down Syndrome. My parents were amazing advocates. My brother Joe and I can attest that we are the people we are today due to being the siblings of Max and Katie. Max and Katie helped us to understand how to conquer fears, fight through adversity, and fight through the most difficult of task that life presents.   

My experiences as a sibling, son, and special educator have led me to being a part of DSAW. I have seen the impact our community has on families and look forward to our growth in the future!