AngelSense - Using Technology to Keep Families Safe

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This post was written by an AngelSense Staff Contributor.

When a child wanders, it is a life-threatening event. Wandering is most often associated with children with autism, but many children and adults with Down syndrome are also prone to this unpredictable behavior. Keeping our loved ones who wander safe is an around the clock challenge, as some have difficulty understanding safety issues and communicating with others.

The good news is that AngelSense GPS has created a solution for parents and caregivers. It includes a GPS device with voice capabilities, advanced data analytics, and a Smartphone app used by caregivers and first responders, all designed specifically for individuals with special needs.

AngelSense GPS does more than offer reassurance to families and freedom to those who use it. Proven to prevent the hazards of wandering, it actually saves lives.

What sets AngelSense apart from other GPS systems is that it has 4 crucial, life-saving elements.

  1. Proactive Alerts - AngelSense automatically detects deviations from the norm, such as an unexpected arrival to an unknown place or a late departure. It creates a daily timeline logging every location visited and provides detailed routes.

  2. Non-stop Monitoring - The device is always tracking, even when the Guardian phone app is closed.

  3. On All Day - Sensory friendly wearables help to secure the device, making it removable only with a magnetic key held by the parent or caregiver. The device itself is on all day as well, to be powered off only through the Guardian phone app.

  4. Quick Response Tools - A rich set of tools through the application such as live 10-second updates and map location, auto- pickup 2-way voice features, an alarm and a first responder alert all make a potential search quick and effective.


By using AngelSense, parents are able to diffuse wandering incidents before they escalate to a potentially dangerous event. AngelSense has no range limitation and tracking is possible from anywhere using a Smartphone. Sometimes, it’s simply the peace of mind that you have, knowing exactly where your loved one is, whenever during the day, wherever you are.

"We went camping over the weekend and did you know, I knew exactly where he was at the campground?!!!! I saw him at the lake, the pool, ice cream stand, and playground!!!" Tracy Daly, Executive Director, Down Syndrome Association of the Hudson Valley.

With the innovative technology that is available to families with AngelSense, help is always right around the corner.