Meet Beth and Kevin

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day to reflect on all that we're thankful for. Many families go right from pumpkins and ghosts to holiday music and candy canes, without pausing to give Thanksgiving much attention. Consider this: What is most important to you today?

For Beth and Kevin, DSAW plays a significant role in the things for which they are thankful. Beth feels that "Today, DSAW is our family. There's no other way to say it." But it wasn't always that way. There was a time before DSAW. A time when they were left scared and confused. 


After utilizing several fertility experts, Beth and Kevin were "full of happiness and excitement" at their 5 1/2 month ultrasound. This mood quickly shifted as a specialist came in and "callously told us that they strongly believed the baby had Down syndrome. There was no congratulations, no small talk first, he showed no happiness for our baby or compassion for us as parents." They yearned for one "congratulations," one story of someone with Down syndrome exceeding expectations.

After their horrible diagnosis experience, Beth and Kevin knew that they were called to be Support Parents to other new and expectant parents through DSAW's Parent's First Call program. "It gives us so much be able to pay it forward and to help make a Down syndrome diagnosis just a little less scary."

"There is so much focus put on having a 'perfect' baby. We want to share that this baby IS perfect, just as we all are in our own way." 

By supporting DSAW on Giving Tuesday, you can make it possible for us to train more Support Parents. To give more families a "congratulations" instead of an "I'm sorry." To change the narrative around a Down syndrome diagnosis. 

Today, I encourage you to think about how important our children and our families are. It's important to start off parenting a child with Down syndrome with hope and support. You can help give parents the unbiased information and the experience that they deserve by donating to DSAW on Giving Tuesday.

Dawn Nuoffer
Executive Director
Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin

PS - As you scoop up big deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider donating your savings on Giving Tuesday. It's an easy way to give back!