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Last year, Americans spent an average of $124 on Cyber Monday. However, will you take a break from shopping to read this email? The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin changes lives across the state, and we need your help.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to the community in the midst of a week of spending.

In honor of tomorrow, we'd like to share the story of Michelle and Brian.

In 2007, Michelle and Brian were expecting twin baby girls and were heartbroken when one of their daughters was stillborn. It was only after they were born that they learned both girls had Down syndrome.

In the hospital, Michelle and Brian received a packet of information, including a few books - most of which they promptly threw away. The first book they opened immediately mentioned institutions. 

"When I was holding my new daughter, I wanted to know what the future looked like - not in medical terms or statistics, but what would our family be like, how would she fit in with us?"

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DSAW parents around the state were noticing this same trend: outdated resources, filled with doom and gloom messages about individuals with Down syndrome, were the first materials parents read after a diagnosis.

Now, through the Parent's First Call Program, DSAW provides medical professionals and parents with accurate, unbiased, up-to-date resources about Down syndrome. We want to ensure that everyone understands how amazing our loved ones with Down syndrome are.

Michelle and Brian have loved raising a daughter with Down syndrome so much that they made the decision to adopt a second daughter with Down syndrome, too.

"I can't even guess how many people used to say 'I'm so sorry!' when we would say our daughter has Down syndrome  -- and I used to say, 'Don't be sorry, she's awesome!'  I don't know how much they believed me before we adopted Lilya. If voluntarily adding another child to our family who has Down syndrome doesn't tell you we're fine with Down syndrome, I don't know what will!"

By supporting DSAW on Giving Tuesday, you make it possible to support families around the state from the moments following a diagnosis until transition and beyond. We even support families in adopting a child with Down syndrome, just like Michelle and Brian did.

Tomorrow's the day. Will you donate to DSAW on Giving Tuesday?

Dawn Nuoffer
Executive Director
Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin

PS - As you scoop up big deals today, consider donating your savings tomorrow on Giving Tuesday. It's an easy way to give back!