"We Absolutely Couldn't Ask for More!"

Does your family need one-on-one support for your loved one with Down syndrome? Do you need help with IEPs, inclusion, or speech? Are you struggling with behavior problems and need a custom solution? Do you need to find respite care? Does your loved one need help securing transportation, housing, caregivers, or employment? Would you like to develop a 5- or 10-year plan for your loved one to help them reach their goals?


DSAW-Family Services can help with ALL of this, and more! DSAW-FS provides one-on-one services to individuals with Down syndrome and other special needs and their families, helping individuals take their rightful place in the community and achieve their full level of independence. Whatever obstacle you are facing, DSAW-Family Services can help!

DSAW-FS has been working with Kathryn for a couple of years. She has received daily life-skills training, job coaching, and one-on-one support to help her achieve her dreams. Kathryn's mom, Julie, says that with DSAW-FS, Kathryn "has accomplished so much and her success has been wonderful!" DSAW-Family Services has matched Kathryn with a support worker that has been life-changing for Kathryn and her family. "It is so important to us to have a long-term and REAL relationship with our provider...DSAW-FS has provided Kathryn with exactly what she has needed, when she needed it."

With the help of DSAW-Family Services, Kathryn is living a fulfilling and active life in the community. She has two jobs, she volunteers at DSAW, is involved in Project Search, and participates in Special Olympics. Julie says that she "absolutely couldn't ask for more!"

When you support DSAW, you support the services that have helped people like Kathryn thrive. Would you consider giving others an amazing life this holiday season? By donating to DSAW, you can.

Dawn Nuoffer
Executive Director
Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin 

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