Meet a DSAW Leader: Jenny

Hi! I am Jenny Levendoski, a member of DSAW-COTH-Greater La Crosse Area.  I attended my first Down Syndrome Awareness Walk (formally Steppin Up for Down Syndrome) in 2010.  It was the day I was released from the hospital, a week after giving birth to my beautiful daughter, Eliza.  She was unable to attend that first party due to her extended hospital stay but has more than made up for it now.  We are usually the first to show up and the very last to leave the party. 

I do not have an official title within our chapter, but I can say I do a little bit of everything. I have helped with the Down Syndrome Awareness Walk, organized social events, and organized speaker events. My current focus in on member engagement and collaborating with our amazing local non-profits.  Through these experiences, I met a wonderful group of individuals that I probably never would have met if we were not on this DS journey together.  Not only did these people become my friends, but also an amazing source of information. 

My dream for Eliza and her friends is for them to be happy, healthy, independent, and productive/included members of society. This is why I am an active member of DSAW-COTH-GLA! Not only do I believe individuals with disabilities should have the same opportunities as those without, but they should be fully included.