Meet a DSAW Leader: Angel

Hi everyone! My name is Angel Benrud.  I am a member of DSAW’S  Lacrosse Chapter. I am married with four children, my oldest daughter Haley (22) is how I got involved with our local Down Syndrome group. When Haley was born in 1995 there were not a lot of resources in our area, and it was hard to find and meet others with Down Syndrome. Through the birth to three program I met 2 other families with a child similar in age as Haley, which provided us parents a chance to talk and trade information. I hope by continuing to be a part of the local DSAW chapter that Haley and I can pave the way for others. I want parents of youngsters to know that there are people here if they need help finding resources, answering questions or just talking!

I have been a part of our Down Syndrome Awareness Walk Committee for 12 years, and have been chair or co-chair for the last 4 years. My title right now is Walk Co-chair, although I do a little of everything. If there is something that needs to be done and I can do it, I will!  

My favorite part of being a part on the Walk Committee is taking a minute in the middle of walk to just stop look around and see all the people that come, donate and support. It's powerful knowing that I am making a difference!