URGENT Advocacy Alert!

Tell your senators to vote NO to the tax-cut bill, which will negatively affect your loved one with Down syndrome.

Wisconsin Senators:
Ron Johnson: (202) 224-5323
Tammy Baldwin: (202) 224-5653

**Please note, Ron Johnson is considering voting NO! We need to inundate his office with calls!** 

Read how the bill hurts people with special needs 

Live somewhere else? Click here to find your Senators

Action Steps:

  • Call, email, tweet our Senators, especially Ron Johnson! Include a photo of you and your loved one with an explanation of how the tax-bill will hurt your family. 
  • Go to your Senator's local offices this week! Meet with staff. Print out your story and leave it with them.
  • Call your relatives and friends in other states and ask them to take action on your behalf. Main target states are Tennessee (Bob Corker), Arizona (Jeff Flake), Oklahoma (James Lankford), Kansas (Jerry Moran), Maine (Susan Collins), and Montana (Steve Daines). However, ALL Republican Senators should be blanketed with calls!
  • One call or contact is not enough. Call them every day, multiple times a day, until the vote!

The bill is expected to go to a vote as early as tomorrow or Friday. Please call, tweet, email, and advocate every day until then! 

Sample Phone Script:

Phone calls are proven to have the largest impact in swaying decisions (as opposed to letters, tweets, etc). It's very easy -- you just call the number and leave a message! Here is a sample script:

"Hi Senator ________:
My name is ________ and I live in CITY, Wisconsin, zip-code _______. I'm calling to ask you to vote NO to the tax bill. This bill is harmful for people with special needs, and will hurt the future of my loved one with Down syndrome, and my family. This bill cuts tax incentives to hire individuals with disabilities, raises taxes on people facing high medical bills, and eliminates the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, among many other things. 
Please vote no. Thank you!"