Statewide Fraternal Support & Programming

No matter where you live, DSAW is here to help you and your loved one! We offer various levels of support depending on your location throughout the state:


DSAW has resources for YOU, even if you are not near a Parent Support Group, Regional Committee, or Chapter. We can support you through:

Looking for more? Consider gathering a group of parents near you to form a Parent Support Group!

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups can form in any town or location in Wisconsin - you just need a group of parents who want to meet regularly. DSAW will help you market the event and make it visible to parents in your area (email Abbey to start your own!). Parent Support Groups include the support of the individual level, PLUS:

  • Coffee Clubs

  • Parents Nights Out

  • Support Groups (Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Multicultural, etc.)

  • Play dates

  • Virtual Support

Regional Committees

Regional Committees are strategically located around multiple Parent Support Groups. In addition to the benefits received by individuals and Parent Support Groups, Regional Committees have leaders that help plan larger events in your area, such as:

  • Picnics

  • Holiday Parties

  • World Down Syndrome Day Event

  • Small Fundraisers

  • Dances

  • Teen Club/Young Leaders

DSAW Chapters

DSAW Chapters are strategically placed in major metropolitan areas that can sustain large-scale programs and services. In addition to the benefits of individuals, Parent Support Groups, and Regional Committees, DSAW Chapters have access to: